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Smoked rib roast

looks simple and I like it that way. But where is the smoke? ===== Sorry, I've described setting up my smoker in many articles and didn't think it required

Continue reading "Smoked rib roast"

Kenmore 119.16658011


Continue reading "Kenmore 119.16658011"

Some Additions to the Brunswick Stew Recipe

I too added some extras. I added 2 tsp ground cumin and it gave it a nice smoky flavor on the back side of the bite. I have also used smoked pork in

Continue reading "Some Additions to the Brunswick Stew Recipe"

The BH421AG7 wrangler by Holland

I purchased my grill in fall 2012, have had lots of trouble getting my grill to lite. its to the point of dangerous. I removed to ignitor and spread the

Continue reading "The BH421AG7 wrangler by Holland"

Amana Grill Reviews

Find Amana grill reviews by people like you.

Continue reading "Amana Grill Reviews"

Your Guide To Amana Grills And Amana Gas Grills

Amana Grills' modern design use the superior heating power of fire bricks. Read more...

Continue reading "Your Guide To Amana Grills And Amana Gas Grills"

Weber Grills - Facts, Company Profile and User Feedback

Believe it or not, weber grills are the core of a major revolution in outdoor grilling that took place just after World War II. George Stephen Sr., who lived in Mount Prospect, Ill., was fed up with fighting the elements while "open brazier" grilling at home.

Continue reading "Weber Grills - Facts, Company Profile and User Feedback"

The Best BBQ Ribs Survival Guide

If you want to prepare the Best BBQ Ribs, then I want you to take a few minutes to learn how it's done in BBQ country. You'll be surprised how much fun, and how tasty life can be.

Continue reading "The Best BBQ Ribs Survival Guide"

Weber Grill Recipes For Weber Grills

People are searching for Weber grill recipes and it's no wonder, owning a Weber grill is as common as owning a lawnmower. As similar as they are, each grill has it's own way of getting the job done and often it will require you to do a little bit of homework to get it just right.

Continue reading "Weber Grill Recipes For Weber Grills"

Vermont Castings VM400xbp Grill

Good quality hood frame ect. BUT the internal parts are no better than your average Home Depot bargain brand. Vermont castings customer service is a horror.

Continue reading "Vermont Castings VM400xbp Grill"

Traeger Lil' Tex Elite

I puchased it 2 days ago and have had 2 of the best meals. The first was beer can chichen. Wow! great for left over chicken sandwhiches. Tonight, Pork

Continue reading "Traeger Lil' Tex Elite"

Fiesta Pro-XL Grill

My old grill finally fell apart after 8-10 years, so I went looking for a replacement. The name on it was Fiesta but I could not find one the size that

Continue reading "Fiesta Pro-XL Grill"

Weber Rotisserie from Amazon

I ordered a weber charcoal kettle rotisserie from Amazon back around the first of May for my son and from the picture on the sight it shows the rotisserie

Continue reading "Weber Rotisserie from Amazon"

Design suggestion for Weber

I would like to make a recommdedation for the weber grill company regarding the design of the damper lever located on the base of the grill due to the

Continue reading "Design suggestion for Weber"

Old Weber Grill Grates

I have an old Weber Grill that my Mom gave me years ago. It is a copper color and sort of square. its a charcoal grill. I need a new cooking grate for

Continue reading "Old Weber Grill Grates"

Butane Cartridge for Qwiklite Camping Stove

Where can I buy the 6.75 butane cartridge to fit my Qwiklite camp stove? ========= I'm not sure, maybe someone will jump in with a suggestion. Mike

Continue reading "Butane Cartridge for Qwiklite Camping Stove"

Great Outdoors Burners shot after 10 years

I bought a Great Outdoors Grill on 07-03-02. This grill had a 25 year warranty on the cast-bronze burner. My grill burner is shot. Since your company

Continue reading "Great Outdoors Burners shot after 10 years"

Traeger lil tex bbq070

Lasted for 3 cooks then died. Tried to return to dealer 20 days after I purchased it and was told he wouldn't take it back. Tried to contact tech support

Continue reading "Traeger lil tex bbq070"

Aussie Uluru

Grill cooks way too hot. Would be fine if used as a crematory. On one burner at the LOWEST setting it heats up to 400 degrees and stays there. Great

Continue reading "Aussie Uluru"

Char-Broil Red

This is the most disgusting product, service tracking , number varification product I have ever seen. I tried to complain to Char-Broil and they don't

Continue reading "Char-Broil Red"

Traeger Lit'l Tex Elite

Never thought I'd fall in love again. But let me tell you, I have.This is the BEST thing that's come into my life in a long time. Love it. Love it. LOVE

Continue reading "Traeger Lit'l Tex Elite"

portable Weber bought in 2010

The gas regulator works only on High!!! I have to disconnect gas everytime I use it, and always keep an eye on food when grilling. I paid $250.00 plus

Continue reading "portable Weber bought in 2010"


We've had our Holland natural gas grill for about 13 years. We've never had to replace any parts but finally it needs a new drip pan. Replacement parts

Continue reading "HOLLAND HERITAGE PLUS"

Traeger Texas

Just sold it could not wait to get rid off it only had 2 months. Cheaply made in china and top and handle got way to hot as did the rest of grill. Never

Continue reading "Traeger Texas"

Holland premier II

Best grill I have ever owned. Works as advertised

Continue reading "Holland premier II"

infra red burner Kenmore Grill

We bought this grill in November, since that time, we have not been that happy with it. It takes forever to cook on this grill. It dose not heat up well,

Continue reading "infra red burner Kenmore Grill"

Char-griller grillin pro 3001

I have had this grill for over a year now. It has held up with no problems still looks good and works good. I just added the side fire box. Just remember

Continue reading "Char-griller grillin pro 3001"

Char-Broil Designer Series


Continue reading "Char-Broil Designer Series"

Traeger BBQ O7E

Traeger Sadness I bought my Traeger a couple of months ago from Costco. I LOVED IT. I was grilling queen. We grilled 3x a week. It was easy. It was

Continue reading "Traeger BBQ O7E"

Traeger BBQ 075

Purchaced grill at Costco. Was very excited to try out, brought it home, put it together and went out and bought two whole chickens. Have to admit that

Continue reading "Traeger BBQ 075"

Weber Summit 670s 2010

I am a huge fan of Weber and have used their grills for about 30 years. My biggest plus is the customer service. They always honor their warranty with

Continue reading "Weber Summit 670s 2010"

Traeger Lil' Tex

I have the grill and love it. I had an issue with the powder coat peeling off the lid and body. I sent an e-mail to Traeger's support address and had a

Continue reading "Traeger Lil' Tex"

TRU-Infrared gas grill by CharBroil

This is not a Tru-Infrared gas grill because of the fact that this grill does not have any ceramic Tru-Infrared burners. In fact this grill has regular

Continue reading "TRU-Infrared gas grill by CharBroil"

Kenmore 415152042

For the most part this grill has served us pretty well (7.5/10). The elements have a tendency to slide out of the nozzles and the drip ring/can could

Continue reading "Kenmore 415152042"

Aussie 6804S Vantage

Absolutely without a doubt the worst grille I have ever owned! Don't waste your time or money on these POS grilles. I received my as a gift from my wife

Continue reading "Aussie 6804S Vantage"

Holland Tradition

Had one years back worked great bought another one about 4 years ago. It stinks. Have had nothing but problems with it! Loved the original one because

Continue reading "Holland Tradition"

Holland Heritage

Purchased our Heritage Grill 11 years ago. Loved it then and love it more now. We have baked, grilled and smoked everything imaginable on this grill.

Continue reading "Holland Heritage"

Traeger Lil Tex Grill

Purchased last year and used about 6 times and the fan broke and ruined $$$ of meat before we realized that there was something wrong with grill and not

Continue reading "Traeger Lil Tex Grill"

Older Stainless Steel Weber Performer

I have owned my performer for upwards of 20 years now, and I would not trade it for anything. The built-in thermometer and charcoal racks make low and

Continue reading "Older Stainless Steel Weber Performer"

Traeger 075 at Costco

A couple of things jump off the page on this site. 1. Even though people are saying they do not like the product and are taking it back, it still shows

Continue reading "Traeger 075 at Costco"

Aussie 4280 Walk-a-Bout Gas Grill

the worst. was it me, or does this thing not grill!! no grill marks, charing, nothing! again, is it me, am i not using it properly

Continue reading "Aussie 4280 Walk-a-Bout Gas Grill"

Aussie Uluru Elite 5 8563

I have this grill for 4 year (a month from now) after the first year I noticed the inside was rusting out,6 months later they shipped me :the cooking grates,

Continue reading "Aussie Uluru Elite 5 8563"

Weber Performer 841001 Charcoal Grill

You're guide to the Weber Performer 841001 Charcoal Grill with propane ignition. Product review plus consumer reviews from people like you.

Continue reading "Weber Performer 841001 Charcoal Grill"

The Weber Spirit E-320

The Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill is a smart choice for those who don't want to waste their money on an entry level grill

Continue reading "The Weber Spirit E-320"

Ron York Weber Genesis 310

Just purchased, but the first steaks on the grill turned out awesome. Put it together in about 2 hours, well made. Bought cover and think it will last

Continue reading "Ron York Weber Genesis 310"

the great outdoors AO32142 burner

burner failure. Unit has worked well for 4 years. Would like to buy replacement parts, but model number AO32142 doesn't show up in anyhone's parts listings....

Continue reading "the great outdoors AO32142 burner"

Amana AM33LP Gas Grill Falling Apart


Continue reading "Amana AM33LP Gas Grill Falling Apart"

Aussie Uluru Elite 4 Grill

This stainless steel exterior grill has cheap rusted-through parts after only 3 years. The bottom panel under the burners is ready to collapse onto the

Continue reading "Aussie Uluru Elite 4 Grill"

Aussie Uluru

I have had this grill less than 2 years and it is falling apart. After the first 18 months,the burners are rusted out. And after the 2nd year,bottom

Continue reading "Aussie Uluru"

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