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Amana Grills' modern design use the superior heating power of fire bricks, put together with conventional gas and infrared burners. The Amana line of gas grills have a lot of options for those who want to put some punch into their outdoor grilling activities. There are a lot of great features and benefits to be enjoyed in the gas grills from Amana.

The basic features of any grill sold by Amana would include an attractive stainless steel finish, a full-featured grill, a side burner, and a rotisserie. Grilling in the Amana grill is quick and easy with its high BTU output. Those, however, who are used to charcoal grilling would have to watch their timing as it could be really easy to scorch food with the kind of cooking power the Amana grill has. Amana’s grills are lined on the inside with a fire brick lining that allows for an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface. Heat is also retained longer with the Amana gas grill’s interior lining.

Amana Products and Accessories

Amana has a wide variety of grill models with as much as six gas burners that are controlled individually. There is also a rotisserie and an infrared back burner that is built into Amana grills. These grills are powered by an electronic igniter that makes lighting the grill accident-proof. A removable tray also comes with the grills that makes for easy clean-up. With each grill from Amana, years of performance can be expected because of its durable construction.

Amana Premium Grill

The Amana Premium 33-inch Gas Grill comes with a stainless steel cart that is fully-enclosed containing shelves to hold condiments and grilling implements. The convenient electronic push button ignition makes it easy to start grilling without the long waiting time. Aside from the primary cooking surface, the Amana Premium 33-inch Gas Grill boasts of additional cooking surfaces in the rotisserie, the steel grated side burner, and the infrared burner. This grill’s advantages come by way of its affordability and versatility in grill cooking. Another grill from Amana is the 4-Burner Black Textured Grill which is constructed of stainless steel and has four burners with a rotisserie and an additional side burner. Both grill models are made for Amana by Sureheat.

Amana is a corporation founded by George Foerstner in 1934 primarily as a commercial walk-in cooler manufacturer. Under the business name Amana Refrigeration, the company held office in Middle Amana, Iowa and led the innovation of the upright freezer for American homes. They went on to innovate some more and introduced the side-by-side refrigerator and freezer in 1949. After changing ownership, the company entered the air conditioning market as well in 1954.

Another new introduction came in the year 1967 when the first home microwave was launched by Amana as the domestic counterpart of the commercially used Radarange 1611. Several ownership turnovers and acquisition followed the company through its years of operation and its product line expanded to other appliances such as furnaces, ovens, and ranges. Even dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers were manufactured by Amana. The company was soon sold off to companies like Maytag Corporation and Whirlpool Corporation but was still able to retain the strong brand name.

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